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An old Home Defense story

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This isn't exactly a shotgun story, though it does tie in to my recent decision to buy a shotgun.

Back in about 1979, I moved my family into a rural neighborhood that included a bunch of young punks who thought they ruled the roost. We got a number of prank phone calls, which weren't very serious, then we got one where the caller threatened to "burn us out." I was quite sure it was some of these punks. Some of their younger brothers and sisters ran up and down the road and through the intersection by my place all the time. Everybody (except us newcomers) knew everybody. I figured I would send a message, to see if that would do any good.

I bought an old Savage 22 semi-automatic rifle cheap from one of the guys at work. On the way home, I bought a gun cleaning kit. I made a point of cleaning my rifle out on the picnic table on the front lawn. Then, I set up a target in the back yard and did a bunch of target practice over the next few days. All the while the neighborhood kids were going up and down the road as usual.

Because of the threat, I did sit up a couple of nights with the 22 ready. However, even though it was only a 22, the message was apparently received.:D I never got another threatening phone call, and I lived in that house for about 25 years after that.

I'll save the story about my recent shotgun purchase for another post.
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