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870 factory mag extension question

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Hey guys, I have been looking at buying a 870 tactical, maybe even a Talo edition, for the last few months, and while it would be mostly for HD and fun, I would like the option of turkey hunting with it. My question is this: is the factory mag extension removable? In GA we can only carry 3 shells in the gun while hunting so I would need to remove the extension to be legal. I have looked everywhere I can think of the answer this question and thought some of you might be able to help. Thanks.
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You wouldnt have to remove the extension, you'd just need to make a magazine plug that limits the capacity to 3rd. Such as a dowel rod inside the mag tube behind the follower.
Don't get the Tactical model with the gray powder coat finish. There has been problems with the finish chipping.

You can remove the tube extension, it screws on. like the mag cap. If you remove it you will need to buy a mag cap for 870 shotguns that have the detent on the barrel ring. If you don't know the spring loaded detent keeps the mag cap and tube ext from loosening under recoil.

Thanks for the quick reply fellas. To the gun shop I go!:p
Solution - buy 2 shotties. Problem solved, econony assisted (cause Obaaaaaaama wants you to - ha ha), and you don't have to mess with changing parts for different situations. :)
I have an extension on mine also. I just took a wooden arrow and by trial and arrow cut it to the right length to limit the magazine to two rounds + one in the chamber.
A piece of wood dowell from lowes or Home Depot will work just fine also.
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