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870 barrel

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anybody know where I can get an 12 ga.slug barrell for an 870 used? looking for one for my son who is going tactical with his 870 after returning from the Mtn. country. and what is a good price for one?
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Go to a gun show and look for someone selling stocks, rifle parts ect. usually the have at least a dozen 870 barrels. As far as price if you are going to coat the gun or paint it just pickup an ugly one. Last time I was at a local gun show found one in ugly but good condition for $80 was going to paint it anyway so finish didn't matter to me.
Try this site for an 870 barrel by Mossberg. Havlin Sales & Service - Mossberg Gun Parts Only $89 for a new barrel. I have one one my 870 and like it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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