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535 new owner

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Just picked up a used 535 this morning. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet but I'm not worried (its a mossberg) just excited! I traded a bow for it. It came with the field barrel and the slug barrel. Also got a case and a box o shells. Any other 535 owners here that can give me the run down in this shotgun? I had a master mag 880c that worked flawlessly and then got a h&r single shot 12 gauge...ouch. I sold must if my guns awhile back for reasons I'd rather not discuss and am rebuilding my collection. I thought this would be a great start. I'm kicking around the idea if selling the slug barrel to set it up with a 500 mag tube and 20 inch barrel for hd purposes. Any input for other methods would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Also i noticed that the fore end is bigger than my last mossy. Are all the newer ones like this?
No other 535 guys here?
Yup, I have one. Have thousands of rounds through mine.
Ya know you've got a nice solid well made (American made I might add) shotgun. I don't own a Mossberg but I think they make a first class pump gun.
I (personally) wouldn't get rid of the slug bbl cause you could find yourself in a shotgun only deer huntin situation where it would come in handy. As for HD there is nothing better than a load of buckshot
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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