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3" vs 3.5" shells?

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I know nothing about shotguns but just got a mossberg 935 so I am trying to learn as fast as possible to I can start shooting and reloading. This gun can shoot 3" and 3.5" shells. Which shells are best for what purposes? Why should I buy one length shell over another? I plan to use the gun for target shooting and hunting
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Normaly 3 1/2 inch shells are used for turkey, geese, and ducks.
2 3/4" shells are for upland game, rabbits, squirrels and 3" shells for anything from a phesant on up to deer. I havent seen a 3 1/2" slug load yet.
You can use 2 3/4 on anything from small game to geese and turkeys.
The 3 inch is just more affective at longer ranges.
Same with the 3 1/2 but it puts more pellets in the air.
We use the 2 3/4 on everything up to swans.
The 3 inch shell will be cheaper to buy than the 3 1/2's.
Have fun with your new shotgun.
The 3.5" shells are murder on the shoulder in my Mossy 835 pump... hopefully more tolerable for you in the semi-auto. I used them for turkey hunting and deer. I've not been duck or geese hunting with it, so most other hunting I've done with it was 2.75".

Pay close attention to the ballistics of shotgun shells. In shotgun shells Magnum doesn't mean faster. It means more shot and slower velocity.
Anything over 3" and your pretty much a masochist in my book. 2 3/4 for targets and upland game is fine. 3'' for turkeys is plenty enough.
Lightfield makes a 3.5" slug (sabot slug). Why anyone would EVER want to put yourself through that sort of torture I'm not sure for such minimum gains in FPS and downrange energy.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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