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20 Gauge 870 express youth

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Had this gun since I was a kid. Awesome firearm, just looking to extend the mag tube. I wanted to get a final story on what the deal is to do so.

What I gathered so far: There could possibly be 2 "nubs" indented in the tube to hold the spring, if this is true then I must drill them out, as to not get in the way of the longer spring/shells.

Now if there are no nubs do I just put the mag extension on as instructed? Will a mag exension for the 870 express 20 gauge work for the youth model?

Also curious on the compatiblilty of this and the surefire forend or a pistol grip stock made for the typical 20 gauge express, will they fit as well?
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I think you got it pretty much on all points. The only thing on that shotgun that makes it a youth is the size of stock and length of the barrell. everything else is standard size. and as for the dimples in the mag tube. Remington didn't do this until the mid 1990s I think. Allot of older 870s do not have these. My brother has a youth 870 he's had since he was akid and it didn't have any. My 870 12 guage I bought in Nov 2008 did. Home defense and tactical models don't but the standard models do. you have to drill them out, then take a drimmel and smooth it. It's not hard but I had my gunsmith friend do it for me because i didn't want to mess with it.

More than likely your doesn't. The way to find out is to remove the mag cap. Take out your spring and look down in there. If you don't see dimples you don't have to worry about it.

So, pretty much modify to your hearts content regardless. Some guys on here put youth stocks on their tactical home defense guns. There's plenty of threads and posts on mods.
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Thanks for the info. Checked down the mag tube, smooth as silk so I am free to extend.

Yeah I wasn't sure if it was just the stock and barrel, or the reciever too. Just had another look at it, fits 3" Magnum shells too. Not too bad, 3" Mag shells should do the trick....

Youth model has a 21" barrel correct?
I don't think so. My Brothers looks like a 24" vent ribbed. Shoot man 2 3/4" will to the trick too. 20 guage still makes a big hole.
Yeah, don't think because 20 is a RCH smaller than 12 that it won't "do the job".
the 20ga is a very good shotgun, my grandson took his frist deer with one. rem. all the way.
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