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1897 Winchester Project

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Just picked up a 1897 Winchester takedown shotgun. I've been looking for one for a while and finally found one at an auction. Anyway I ran the ser# and found the production date of 1913. The last 6" of the barrel are pitted and the blue is far gone so a barrel chop is in order. Thinking of making a trench gun copy kinda like the one a few weeks ago that was in Shotgun News.When it's all done I will have a shotgun that will takedown in to two 20" pieces just not sure of the color or finish yet. Thinking OD green duracoat with a red finish on the wood. Will post pics during the process.
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You mean to tell me that there was actually a shotgun in shotgun news? That's hard to believe. I will have to verify this.

Sounds cool man can't wait for pics
Go for it!

I rescued a questionable Model 12 form a pawnshop many years ago and cut it down to make it "riot" length. The Model 12 was made in 1935.

Its actually one of my favorite shottys for carrying around on the ranch on my ATV. Short and handy and very fast.

The M97 and M12 Winnys were VERY good shotguns, if you ask me.

I'd LOVE to find a decent M97, but around here in Texas, the Cowboy Action Shooters have gobbled up any decent M97s and the prices on good ones are very high if you find one.

- brickboy240
Tell me about it. I've been looking for one and either they want a ton of money or they are basket cases. I got a pretty good deal on this one. Will be going to the smith today.
can't wait for pics. It sounds cool.
Well snapped a few quick pics before it went to the smith. Not alot of blue left but no real pitting on the outside.

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Very nice shotgun. I've always wanted to shoot one of those. I've been a Winchester fan since a 3" magnum out of a defender bruised my shoulder.
Just got back from the smith with the 97. Had the barrel cut to 18 1/2 in. tigger return spring replaced, compleatly torn down and cleaned, and function tested. He said it was assembled wrong is why it couldn't be taken down and a screw had frozen in the reciever and the stock cracked. So everything is back together and done. With auction price and smith fees I'm still only in the gun just over $200 :mrgreen:. Not sure if I'm still going to refinnish the metal or not kinda diggin the worn look. Will have pics up soon.
Well here are the pics. Put the 1911 up with it for size comparison when broke down this thing is pretty small.

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for the love of god please don't refinish that.

the most I'd do now is maybe, MAYBE drill and tap the barrel to put either a brass bead or a meprolight tritium bead in it.
for the love of god please don't refinish that.

the most I'd do now is maybe, MAYBE drill and tap the barrel to put either a brass bead or a meprolight tritium bead in it.
x100000000000000 a finish like that is a beautiful thing. it took a LOOOONG time for it to mature to its current state, to have it re-blued would just be wrong.

and dang you got a good deal on it!!
Have decided to leave the finish on the gun alone but I am going to probably put a new stock on it. It has a bead on it it's just a factory small bead I didn't need the huge brass bead not like you aim a shotgun anyway so it works for me. Took it out to the range and ran 50 down the pipe and it shoots awesome... slamfire is FUN!! By far my fav new zombie gun but you have to run the thing hard you cant be nice to it.
I've always like the 1897 action...I do have a fear of whacking my hand with the bolt though...I need to mess with one now, haven't since I was probably 12...
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