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17yr old first shotgun

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17yr old cousin wants a semi-auto shotgun for clay pigeon shooting and maybe deer hunting. I told him a Moss 500 pump but he wants a semi-auto. Doesn't want to spend more than $500. This will be his first shotgun he has owned. Any suggestions?

Not sure if this will stick for him or if its a fab since his best friend competes. Best friend 2yrs ago was number 2 junior in the nation and was given a Caesar Guerini Gun priced at $10,000.
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In that price range there are only a few choices for a new semi-auto. Weatherby PA-08, Mossberg 930, and Tristar Viper G2 come to mind.
Used Rem 1100 Set Up The Way He Needs

They also made L.H. models. Lots of accessories and barrels still around. Worked for me. HB of CJ (old coot)
I agree with a used 1100 too. I just bought one 28" threaded barrel with 3 chokes for $425.

A shotgun for clay means a lot of shooting, so fit is very important. The 1100 is still the shotgun that fits me best, so I keep buying them.
used 1100 i bought one for 350 and it worked great and looked beautiful on a skeet feild!!!
Agree with the 1100. It was my first shotgun at at 14 and it's been my trusted field and competitive shotgun for a decade since. Get one and don't look back, a great gun!
1100, 1187 used would bs a good bet. If he wants new he might check out the stoger 2000.
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