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Tungsten 12 density is so similar to lead I figure I can use lead recipes without change EXCEPT that I don't want the pellets to scrub through and damage my nearly new barrel/choke. Does anyone have experience with scrub through using the DR16 wads? Do I need a mylar wrap?
The base recipe is
Fed hull
Cheddite primer
16 grains of 700x
3/4 oz shot

I have re-loaded a few with tungsten12 and found that 3/4 oz of shot overfills the shot cup. This is fine for lead but I am afraid not for tungsten. I also found that on my crimper I needed to add a pinch of rolled oats and an overshot card to get the folds to lie nice and flat. I have not yet pulled the trigger on these loads. I also loaded a few with 1/2 and 5/8 ounces just to get the physical proportions right. 5/8 ounce is just about right for number 5 shot in the DR shot cup.

I have a lot of questions about tungsten. Is the DR16 robust enough to prevent scrub through? Will a Mylar wrap really prevent scrub through? Ballistic Products says it will but real world experience would give more confidence. Will the Mylar wrap increase the pressures or decrease? I have read both and am thinking of using a spritz of silicone dry lube to keep the wraps from grabbing the inside of the barrel. With the lighter 1/2 ounce or 5/8 ounce loads should I increase the powder to keep it burning clean?

AND I love shooting my 16
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