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  1. Shotgun Reloading
    what load data should be used when loading tss/steel duplex loads? do I use data for steel shot or for tss shot? or is there some type of hybrid data?
  2. Shotgun Reloading
    I have been thinking of a 5/8oz #8 TSS - 5/8oz #1 Steel load for an all purpose 1 1/4oz 3'' 12gauge duck and goose load my thought being that with aprox 160 #8's in 5/8 oz and aprox 63 #1's in 5/8 oz for a total pellet count of aprox 223. that's the equivalent pellet count/pattern density of...
  3. Shotgun Reloading
    With the powder scarcity and not loading 12 gauge shells, I traded 8 pounds of Hogdon Clays powder for IMR Green. I was told the IMR Green was similar to Alliant Green Dot, which is OK for my 28 reloads. However, Hogdon does not list 28 gauge in their reload data for IMR Green. I am reloading...
1-3 of 3 Results