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cereal killer 12-30-2015 01:27 PM

What was your FIRST shot gun?
Mine was/is a Remington 1100 American Classic. Still have it and love it.

oneounceload 12-30-2015 01:29 PM

Ithaca 37 - being LH it was one of a few available way back when

bobski 12-30-2015 01:54 PM

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2 yrs old.
a cork popping sbs.
i still have it.

oxtown 12-30-2015 06:04 PM

A Savage single barrel 20 gauge. I was 10 years old. Still have it!!! It belonged to my grandaddy.

HAWKEN 12-31-2015 11:01 AM

A 20ga Iver Johnson Champion, given by my father as a Christmas present. I gave it to my son as his first shotgun..........robin

RobinTN 12-31-2015 01:04 PM

12ga 870 Wingmaster (old version). Sold it to help pay for the 1100 bought later. I didn't (couldn't) collect in those days.

bobski 12-31-2015 03:08 PM

my first real shotgun was an iver johnson herc 12ga sbs, 30" solid rib m/f dt. sorry i sold it.

The Rattler 12-31-2015 03:11 PM

LC Smith Field Grade given to me by an Uncle in the early 60s. I had no idea of the quality of the gun because my other guns were a cheap Stevens single shot 22 ($11) and a 303 Lithgow Enfield bought from an Army Surplus store for $16, both acquired in the mid to late 50s. I was an adult before realizing the Elsie was a fine gun, although there is no collectors' market for Field Grades.

LoFlyer 12-31-2015 03:13 PM

When I got into sporting clays, I really lucked out with a 60-70's era 20 ga R870 LW Wingmaster. Schweeet! I wore the thing out cranking after true pairs. I had her refurbished by Remington for a ridiculously low price, and she is my backup S/G for competition.(always have a backup plan)

RKB 12-31-2015 05:58 PM
1941 Ithaca 37R solid-rib in 16ga. First shot it 54 years ago, last shot it yesterday at some elusive skeets. Only dropped one, but you would think that after 54 years I would have it mastered :rolleyes:

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