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Masterchither 10-11-2019 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by Jamese (Post 143206)
Welcome to clay target sports,

Thank you for the Welcome!


Originally Posted by Jamese (Post 143206)
Don't know your budget but based on what you said, you may consider a Benelli Montefeltro or Super 90, or Beretta. Benelli is an inertial action and shoots cleaner than gas guns, so easier to clean. P.S. You can buy an extra 18" bbl for HD that takes about 30 sec. to change.\\

I am putting my budget under $1,000.00. I want something solid, reliable, and won't foul up when I need it. I took a quick look at the Nova, it looks sweet. And I have been watching the BPS Field, if I had not been moving soon I'd already have it. It's a GOOD thing I have a little time. I will take a look at those Benelli's.

Thank you!

PumpTimes7 10-13-2019 07:52 PM


Thanks for your comment.

Sights and eyes are pretty much unique to every person. The ghost sights configuration on my Benelli Pump were the best sights I had on any long gun. For me, they made it very easy to get on target. With great regret, this is the shotgun I let get away from my gun cabinet.

Rather than sharing details about me using these sights, it is simpler to send you back to 2014 when I posted some great shooting fun I had over two summers. It's all in this one Range Report thread, and I hope you find it interesting:

If you have any further questions about this model Benelli Pump, I'll be glad to chat. Using long gun sights has always been a particular challenge I have faced. This 12-gauge minimized those challenges to a good extent. BTW, I gave it the name "Boom.":)


Originally Posted by Masterchither (Post 143278)
Thank you! And sounds like the forum has missed you! I checked out the link, OMG it looks solid. Question for you, the ghost sights. That's makes it easier to target?

And welcome back!

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