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Reloading.. Yes or No ?

This is a discussion on Reloading.. Yes or No ? within the Shotgun Reloading forums, part of the Shotgun Forum Discussions category; I have heard from many people that reloading is no longer cost efficient. With the cost of equipment (for a new reloader) the cost of ...

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Reloading.. Yes or No ?

I have heard from many people that reloading is no longer cost efficient.
With the cost of equipment (for a new reloader) the cost of powder, shot, primers and, wads. Plus accumulating casings. It just isn't worth it .
On the other hand I have had people tell me that it is therapeutic to do so.
My brother who lives in Northern IL tells there are three seasons. Fishing, Hunting and Reloading. Reloading comes after Hunting and before Fishing.
It helps him during the "Cabin Fever" days.
What say you? Is it worth it for a guy in FL ?
"Old age and Treachery will overcome Skill and Youth any day "
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I reload 20 gauge spreaders and .410 bore and metallic in various calibers every week because I shoot twice a week minimum.

If you're reloading standard 12 gauge or 20 gauge loads, it's not worth it.

If you're loading more exotic 12 or 20 gauge loads like spreaders or things like that, it's worth it.

If you're loading 16 gauge, 28 gauge or 410 bore it's worth it and with .410 it's REALLY worth it.

I also reload metallic and it's worthwhile to load all metallic but some will save you a lot of money and others will save you a little money.
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Old 05-14-2020, 04:01 PM   #3
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One eyed shooter,
Depending on what you are reloading, it may or may not be cost effective. Reloading 12 or 20 gauge shotgun shells would definitely fall in the not effective category, however I agree with the therapeutic aspect as it is a lot of fun and relaxing. A lot of the benefit of reloading is that you can tailor a specific load to a specific gun. For example, I have one 12 gauge shotgun that patterns better with a light load of 3/4 oz of shot at about 900 fps. I don't think you can find a factory load of such. Another reason I reload is that over the years I have stockpiled a bunch of shot, bullets, primers, powder etc that allows me to reload without having to go buy new. A third reason I reload is that most of the guns I have are old and they no longer manufacture ammunition for them. The 50-70 gov, 577 Snider, .38-56 WCF, .43 Spanish and the like. I not only have to reload, but I also have to cast the bullets as well. I guess a fourth reason for reloading is likened to canning food. My mom used to tell us when we were first married that we needed to learn how to can vegetables to store for hard times. I never saw the need as a can of green beans sold for 50 cents. A lot of times its just custom or the way it's been. My grandfather reloaded, my dad reloaded and now I reload.
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It is well worth it for me. I load 12 ga mainly so not really cost effective. I like it cause I can relax reflect on the last shoot or the up coming one.
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I load 12 ga/20 ga/410 bore/8 rifle calibers and 10 pistol calibers. It's cheaper for ME to reload. I make my own #8 shot and cast bullet for everything else except long range deer loads. I shoot alot! This allow me to. NEVER a shortage on ammo here. My average cost across the board for each box is +/- $2.25 a box
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You can reload something unavailable commercially or hard to find. My 3/4oz reloads are not something you can find anywhere.
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Old 05-18-2020, 05:11 AM   #7
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I load all gauges (except 16). I pretty much only load 3/4 oz. in 12 gauge now. I still have 500 or so 1 oz. wads that I might use up for dove hunting, but really don't plan on shooting any at the range. I still buy the occasional promo load for dove if the price is right. I have more 20 gauge loaded than I will ever shoot. If I were to start loading today (buying equipment etc.), I might only do .410 and 28. I have kind of fallen in love with the 3/4 oz. load, so would probably do that too.

I quit loading handgun about 20 years ago. When I shot IPSC and Bowling pin, it made sense. I also shot a lot of .44, .41, and .357 mag back then too.

I still load for about a dozen rifle calibers. I pretty much only punch holes in paper now, but like to play with different bullets and find the most accurate loads I can. I am pondering setting up a home rifle range. I have the room to shoot to about 175 yards. Still haven't completely decided yet.

If you can find a used loader for cheap and have a place you can get components for reasonable, I would definitely go for it.

Good luck and all the best.
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Old 05-18-2020, 06:34 AM   #8
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One-eyed - my 3/4oz loads yesterday were breaking everything I shot at, even some distant ones; and for practice, they are less expensive, running me right at $3.75/box. I use 8.5 with the small payload and choke 1 .005 tighter than I might use with a full 1 or 1-1/8 oz load. And, if your wife is recoil sensitive, these will put a smile on her face. The fact they also work my Beretta gas guns makes them an even bigger plus.
The secret to lower costs is buying in bulk - primers by the 5000, wads by the case of 5000, and powder in 8#jugs (2/case)

And to help you get started...................I have 1100 Gold Nitro hulls I'll sell ya! (But we'll have to meet up as shipping would be stupid expensive)

You don't really save money - you just get to shoot more for the same amount of money!
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Old 05-18-2020, 08:54 AM   #9
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I reload 12, 20, 28 and .410. I get a great deal on components buying in bulk as oneounce said and buy taking advantage of special deals offered by the supplier. I save per box about $.75 on 12, about $.85 on 20, about $6 on 28, and at least $10 on .410. Oh BTW, I never buy hulls. I have been able to get all I need from other shooters that don't reload and from friends that have more than they can use.
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Im reloading 12ga remington hulls with w209 primers, Alliant e3 powder, CB8100 wads, and Lawrance Magnum shot for $4.40/box for 7/8 oz and $4.80/box for 1oz. I buy all my components in bulk.
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