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This is a discussion on Aged Powder within the Shotgun Reloading forums, part of the Shotgun Forum Discussions category; I used up the last of my paper bag 4831 about 10 years ago. My Dad bought it in the early 60's and sealed it ...

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I used up the last of my paper bag 4831 about 10 years ago. My Dad bought it in the early 60's and sealed it up in the 3 lb. coffee cans that were all steel that you needed a key to open. When he died in 1973 there were 10 or so that were still sealed up. I shot that powder in just about every rifle I could. There weren't any I couldn't find a good load for.
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I have been given old powder from sellers of reloading tools that shooters are selling out,
some are in metal cans, old cardboard square cans, metal & cardboard kags ect. Not one has ever been bad.....
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Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Getting back into the clays after being away for ~40years. Recently purchased all needed supplies to begin reloading again and found after going through my old supplies that I have ~1 pound of Dupont 700X from that era. Is it worth using or should I just dispose?
I once had some H-4895 left over from years back, when I found it. It had eaten through the containers which I believe was made of heavy cardboard (it was old stuff) I salvage quite a bit from the bottom of the container that I found it in. I then tried it out in my 8 mm Mauser rifle with some cast loads. It fired fine, sending the bullet down range to the target, but unlike the recoil I might of had from fresh powder, it felt like I was shooting a 22 long rifle. I've found in most cases powder can have quite a long shelf life. What can happen is they may dry out a bit, which means they become lighter, so you might want to reduce your load levels by about 10 % when you initially give them a try. - Gun Nut is offline   Reply With Quote
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Originally Posted by bobski View Post
heck im loading 2400 out of tin kegs.
I'm loading 2400 out of cardboard kegs, so I guess yours is older.

Bought mine in 1970. Works well in .410 bore.
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