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Newbie ...are "Tracer" shotgun shells available?

This is a discussion on Newbie ...are "Tracer" shotgun shells available? within the Shotgun Ammo forums, part of the Shotgun Forum Discussions category; Got two Shotkams for the wife and me. Used them once now and see just were you miss. Still learning but like them....

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Got two Shotkams for the wife and me. Used them once now and see just were you miss. Still learning but like them.
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If you're looking for a 12 gauge round you may be able to find Winchester "Tracker" shells somewhere. They make them in black for light backgrounds and orange for dark backgrounds. It's a colored wad that has a ring inside the base of the wad that traps a small amount of shot tto give the wad some weight and makes it follow the pattern more or less so you can see where the pattern is. I used to have 12 and 20 ga. both, but let someone use up the 20's and I don't think they even make them any more.
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I still have a bunch of, "Tru-Trace" 12 gauge Tracer Loads I bought back in the 90's. They "work", but the problem is you really don't know how accurate they are. By that I mean you have no idea if the glowing dot, ball, or whatever you want to call it, is located in the center of your shot pattern.

I never had one that didn't trace. But they don't stay lit very long at all. If you're a slow shooter, they'll most likely go out before they reach the target.

I look at all of these things as, "gimmick loads", that are designed to turn a buck for the manufacturer. But not provide much, if any actual help in regards to why you are missing targets.

In that regard they are a lot like oil additives that promise everything, but deliver pretty much nothing but making your wallet lighter. I would save the money for good trap loads, and a whole bunch of targets. As they say, practice makes perfect. If you ask most all of the top shooters, you'll find few, if any have ever used them.
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