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richg99 02-10-2020 05:55 PM

Old newbie from Texas &
& Tennessee.

Just a note to say hi and thanks for letting me join. At the fine old age of 80, I've decided to do less fishing and more shooting.

I bought my first handguns before Christmas. Then, a fellow from my Summer place in TN posted up that he was starting a Trap/Skeet group. We have our own shooting range adjacent to the Complex.

On the shooting sub-section of one of my fishing groups, I "met" two guys. They have both been helpful in getting me started. I bought an inexpensive U/O and have shot one round of Trap and one round of Skeet so far. ( I told you I was a newbie). Looking forward to learn more about this neat new hobby.

RKB 02-10-2020 06:22 PM

Welcome, neighbor! I'm about 60mi due east of you in the tiny burg of Powell. I've shot at Fairfield Glade, but much prefer the new club there at the Crossville Shooting Park. The folks at FF Glade went out of their way to make me feel unwelcome so I doubt that I'll visit them again. Besides - Crossville has Sporting Clays which I much prefer to trap or skeet nowadays (although I still like them too).

richg99 02-10-2020 06:43 PM

RKB....very sorry to hear the "unwelcome" part. While wmy wife and I have been in FG for 5 Summers, I never joined the Shooting Club. This Spring will be a first for me. At least the other club is right down the road ( I think) so I may meet you there anyhow. Regards, richg99

richg99 02-10-2020 07:10 PM

RKB I noted your reference to Sporting Clays. Needless to say, I have NO experience with them. After I get set up (mid-April) and try the FG group, I will probably get with you. I love trying new things, and Sporting Clays sound like it is the newest kid on the shooting block. Hope to meet you soon. rich

Zeeba 02-11-2020 02:50 AM

oneounceload 02-11-2020 06:38 AM

Welcome from Florida and glad this forum looks like it has hooked two new shooting friends.

RICHg99, here are two pamphlets that explain the basics of trap and skeet:

richg99 02-11-2020 01:56 PM

Thank you, I will read and learn even more.

Great site.

RKB 02-11-2020 04:32 PM

Get settled in and let it dry out a bit and we'll give Sporting a try. I try to shoot it once a week, weather permitting.

richg99 02-11-2020 04:34 PM

Looking forward to it.

jwsmith1959 02-12-2020 05:37 AM

Welcome from a Texas neighbor. About 50 miles Southeast of you.

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