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Wall7777 09-12-2020 06:40 PM

Smith & Wesson 1000 20ga
I have two 12ga (magnum & regular) and recently picked up a 20ga and had to do the normal thing of cleaning out the magazine tube of the shock absorber washer and replaced it. I pulled Gun completely down and put it back together after cleaning it. After assembly I noticed the carrier latch assembly was in the way of the carrier assembly(door that pushes down to load the magazine tube with shells) and I had to push in on the carrier latch assembly release button for the carrier assembly to clear and allow reload of the magazine tube. I notice my 12ga has a cam on the carrier latch assembly that, when the breech bolt is forward, keeps the carrier latch pushed back and allows the carrier latch to be pushed down and load the gun without have to hold the carrier latch release Button down. Am I missing something... is something missing? The gun shoots fine I am just curios the way it is having to be loaded???

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